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A new Trainer

Why a new trainer?

Well, I had success in my weight loss journey twice and both times I worked with trainers. I need the accountability. Yes, it is not cheap, but you know what? Neither are hospital bills or a funeral. So I found my new trainer James on TikTok, oh yeah I can see your eyes rolling in the back there. But let me tell you about James.

He is a trainer with empathy for his clients. He also seems to understand that the female body is different from the male in more ways than genitals. One of the first questions he asked was what my pronouns are and that gave him major points. His TikTok’s are to the point and some are hilarious. So I said to myself, why not?
I discussed it with my husband and he agreed, that I was most successful when I was training with someone. So I signed up.

What do I want? I would like to loos weight gradually and finally, keep it off. And I don’t want to cut out foods as I’ve done before. I don’t want a trainer that is not saying they are annoyed with you if you have a bad day, but you know they are annoyed with you. I want fun workouts and not having to do Burpees, like a trainer before made me do. ( I hate Burpees, my belly is too big for me to do them correctly, and why? I am not in the military)

I will try and post weekly updates here on my journey but make sure you will follow me on Instagram @geekywellness and I even made a fitness TikTok @swissfit2021

Now you know why I am getting a new trainer and how I am actually excited to start my journey again and hopefully for the last time.




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