My name is Claudia, I am 46 and live with my husband and two kids in Texas. I was born in Zurich, Switzerland and moved to the US in 1995 as a Nanny. I met my husband while I was here. 

I’ve been fighting with weight all my life. There was a period about ten years ago, where I was happy with my body. But that did not last long. I was in a friendship that abused my good nature and was toxic for myself and my family. After 4 years I got out and realized that I had gained all the weight back. And on top of that, I now live with depression and anxiety. All gifts of that so-called friendship.

I love funky haircuts and colores, going to the movies, read and to cook.

I am a huge fan of Supernatural and Jared Padalecki has been my Hero fighting my depression and anxiety.