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What Changes, you ask?

There will be some changes to this blog. My body is going thru a lot at the moment. On top of trying to lose weight during a pandemic it also decided to go thru perimenopause. So be prepared to find blog entries that are pertaining to that.

I have also been diagnosed with high cholesterol and I am pre-diabetic. Since I had gestational diabetes with both my children, I decided to start eating as I did back then. Which means 30gr of carbs for main meals and 15gr of carbs for snacks. And we will see where this leads me. I am checking my blood sugars and track them in an app.

The holiday season was insane for my main business Sew-Geek which is awesome, but it put me on the back burner. I am glad I listened to my friend and made the doctor’s appt. That way I know where I am standing and I can take the necessary steps. My intention is to write a blog once a week for now and go from there.

Recipes will be posted as well.

I hope you will still enjoy reading what is happening.

As always I wish you good health and clear blue skies



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