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Hello and Welcome

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My name is Claudia and I am overweight. Most would say I am morbidly obese. The story of my life, ever since Kindergarten.  So here I am, 46 years old and laying it all out in the open. I am going on a journey and I am sharing it with you.

What you will get here

If you are looking for easy, true and tried recipes this blog will be the place for you. I love to cook and figure out how to make recipes healthier. You will also find diary-style blog posts and weigh-in notes. Therefore my blog is a bit of a mixed bag for you.

What you won’t find here

Is me telling you about a magic pill or some new fad diet. As I have been there done that and losing weight and getting healthy is hard work and sweat. There is no easy way, but I figured I will share my progress with you and ways that work for me.

Am I qualified?

I think I am, in 2006 I lost 80lb with diet and exercise. And my diet was watching what I eat and working with a personal Trainer. Then in 2008, I got certified by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) as a personal trainer myself. I worked for almost 2 years at a gym. Then some personal stuff got in the way and I developed anxiety and depression, which I now live with. During the next few years, I gained the weight back, plus some extra. Ever since then, I have been going up and down. But this time, I am keeping track on this blog, to be held accountable. 

I am not sure how often I will post, the goal is at least once a week, plus one recipe a week as well. But we will go from there. I am looking forward to having you on this life change with me.

Why Geeky?

 I am a super geeky girl. Heck one of my kids is named after Darth Vader. I love Supernatural, Outlander and Sci-Fi. So when I can I will put a geeky twist on this.




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