Why Meal Planning?

Meal Planning is one of the things I learned and have used for many years on my weight loss journey. When I first started I used ediets, which no longer is around, but they used to give you a meal plan. That is how I was introduced to planning my food. So this is why the following reasons are why you can’t go wrong with meal planning.

Saving time and money

Who doesn’t like to save time and money? Planning your weekly meals will do just that for you. All my recipes that I will give you with the access to my trello board meal plan, take less than 30 mins. The exceptions are Crockpot recipes, due to cooking all day. But the prep for them is still short. Therefore easy peasy.

Why does it save money? You are less likely to go out to eat. And I use curbside as I don’t like grocery shopping as it is, so I am no longer tempted by impulse buys. Both things are great for your pocket book.

Wanna try something new?

We also use pinterest to find new recipes to try. And I love adding new things to my food board, you can totally follow me and find som.

Using Trello

Last year I discovered Trelloand I used it for my business and have now started to use it for my meal planning. I will give you the link to a copy of my meal planning board at the end of this post. What I love about it, is I have a list for all the dinners we like and one for each day of the week. When it comes to plan the week, I just copy the meals to the day I want to cook it. Furthermore I made it so most of the meals have a link to the recipes attached to it. As a resultso that  if I am not here, someone else can cook the meal. It goes right back to the money saving thing, as I have two grown children and a husband that will cook every so often.

How do they access the board? You can copy my board and then invite your team. I am telling you this because it has been an amazing help. I am not affiliated with Trello in any way. I just love it, cause it is free and you can add it to your google calendar.


Finally Meal planning, helps you to eat healthier, it saves you time and money and it just good for you.

Tello Link to my meal planning board : Weekly Meal Plan by Geeky Wellness


Happy Planning

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