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This morning as I sat at the breakfast table eating my salad, eggs, and toast and chewing them. I realized that I would like to write down the struggle I have had with my teeth since I was in my early 20’s. In my last blog post, I wrote how I am working towards fixing what is broken. What I am about to write, was not easy, but I believe it had to be fixed to help me on this journey. Come and join me on my Teeth Saga, cause my smile wasn’t always as pretty as it is now.


The beginning

When I was about 24 shortly after I was married, my teeth saga started.  I went to the dentist. Due to moving from Switzerland to the US and not having insurance here in the US, I didn’t see a dentist for almost 3 years. The news I got was devastating for a 24years old. Gingivitis and severe bone loss with the prognosis of losing all my teeth by the time I am 30. 

Of course, I proceeded to get a second opinion and got the same results. Then I found an amazing periodontist in Austin, sadly I can remember his name. But we started to do cleanings every 3months. And after about 2 years of that, I had to have gum surgery. Which made the gingivitis better, but not go away, that is all in your oral hygiene. When I turned thirty, I just gave birth to my second child and proudly still had all my teeth. 


For the next 10 years, I was able to keep my teeth, due to oral hygiene and regular cleanings every 3 months with my dentist. But for the last four years of that, I went through a lot of psychological issues with the toxic relationship. The stress that caused me, also made my gums worse, and grinding my teeth at night was so much worse. In the fall of 2013 I ate a piece of bread and bit wrong onto it and one of my teeth came so loose I was afraid of losing it. I called my dentist and got an appointment right away. 

But the news was not good. They recommended that I should get all my upper teeth removed. Because of my bone loss, my other teeth would be able to move more and eventually fall out. I figured ok, let go for it, I can get that beautiful smile I always wanted. In the past 10 years, my teeth also shifted and I had a big cap in the front. 

New Smile

I healed quickly and after 6 months the dentist deemed that I am getting my permanent dentures. I was excited, cause the temporary ones made me gag. The dentist, who was the professional, told me that is normal and it should go away with the permanent ones. 

Oh, boy were they wrong, right from the get-go I told them, that my tongue is touching something that makes me gag. They were always, “oh you will get used to it.” Well, it’s almost 7 years later and I am still not used to it. So earlier this year, I went to see an oral surgeon that was recommended to me. And his solution was to put 6 implants in, to hold my dentures in place. It would take 4-5 months to heal and the glorious price tag was 26’000 Dollars. Yes, you read that right. I told my husband, I don’t think my mouth is worth a car. So I did more research and made another appt. with a prosthodontist. 

A $25 tool the solution?

I had enough of my teeth saga. Hence, I fell down the youtube rabbit hole one morning to see how to stop me from gagging. After a few videos, I found out there is a thing called horseshoe dentures, which is open on the roof of your mouth, and that most likely is the reason for the gagging. I do not want to go to another dentist during the pandemic. I just wanted to be able to wear my teeth and eat a granola bar with nuts, or some cucumbers with hummus.

Since I lost my teeth, I have gained a lot of weight. Therefore I am certain, that me not wearing the dentures, due to gagging has a lot to do with it. So I took out my dremmel and figured what do I have to lose? The warranty had long since expired. Well after 3 sessions, I can wear my dentures without gagging for longer periods of time. I have to glue them in, which I don’t mind and my tongue is no longer touching the part that was bugging me. 

I canceled the appointment with the prosthodontist.


Now what? 

First off, I don’t recommend you do this to your dentures. I did it cause my dentist did not listen to me and therefore he is no longer my dentist. I am angry that I not advocated for myself more and no professional offered the easy solution that it was in the end. I hope that this will help me again to eat healthier foods and being able to chew them. 

It is frustrating when you can’t eat healthy food, cause they are too hard to hew. So please join me on this journey and see where it takes me.

Thank you for reading my teeth saga



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